updated on 25.07.2002

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"Crossover Seminar"

19.-21. April 2002, Berlin, Germany

We start from the assumption that all relations of power and domination are intimately bound up with one another.

That's why we are putting nation, patriarchy, capitalism, heterosexism, antisemitism and racism in their interrelations on the agenda.

By doing this, we hope to open up new perspectives for resistance.

The goal of the seminar is to bring people from different political backgrounds together, find intersections, make new alliances, work on forms of political intervention and thus give new impulses for a radical, emancipatory, libertarian, left, antiracist, feminist... political practice.

At the seminar, we will attempt to present, evaluate and continue some of the debates of the crossover conference of january 2002 in Bremen. This will take place on friday and part of saturday.

Furthermore, on saturday there will be a number of workshops, focused on trying to understand the interconnection of different relations of power and domination and on developing political strategies from there.

The closing event on sunday will focus on future projects and campaigns. The shape of the crossover summer camp in august 2002 will also be on the agenda again.

The whole seminar will be in polish, spanish, english and german.


19.-21. April 2002 Fr 19-22 Uhr, Sa 10-17 Uhr, So 11-14 Uhr


Schule fuer Erwachsenenbildung, Gneisenaustrasse 2a, 10961 Berlin

Additional Information:

We'll provide warm food on friday and saturday evening, and breakfast on saturday and sunday morning.

There are enough sleeping places.

Saturday night there will be a party. It will begin with a performance by Pauline Boudry: "important messages some girlsbands have to tell you".

Workshop Program:

- Presentation of the Jewish Internet Project 'Hagalil Online'; with people from 'Tacheles Reden', Berlin

- Discussion on Israel/Palestine; with Nermin Sharkawi and Mahmud Hamdan

- "On the solidarity with Palestine "; with Lars N.

- "No Nation No Gender" - a workshop on the critique of the nation; with Vangelitsa Kontodima and Daniel Mang

- "The Market in Women"; with Ewa Majewska, Warschau

- related to this workshop we'll show 'Remote Sensing' by Ulla Biemann, a film about the international traffic in women

- "Empire, Masculinities, Macchiavelli"; with Erich Landrocker