updated on 13.10.2002

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>>> at the crossover summer camp in cottbus, 3.-11. august 2002, the old organisation team disbanded. there is as yet no new organisation team for a future event. some new people, supported by people from the old organisation team, are dealing with the documentation of events at the summer camp, with maintaining the web site and preparing the "crossover perspectives" meeting. this meeting will happen from 8.-10. november 2002 in berlin. its purpose is to decide on the future direction of the crossover project. for more info on it, click the red button above.

>>> to be able to discuss about the future of the crossover project before the meeting, and so that people who can't come to the meeting can make their views public, we have created an internet discussion forum. to access it, click the second button from the left, above.

>>> to check out the crossover summer camp web journal, click the green button above.

>>> there is a page (in german) with some legal info for people who were subject to the arbitrary police controls in cottbus. to visit the antirepression page, click the blue button above.

>>> for people who are already sure they want to work on continuing the project in some way, there is a new e-mail list. to join, use the form below:

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