updated on 13.10.2002

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"Crossover Perspectives"

8.-10. November 2002



What direction should the Crossover Project take in the future ?

Does the project need a thematic focus so as to be able to act politically ?

Loose network or structured organisation ?

Camp oder conference ? Or both ?

Action camp or theory / practice-mix ?

Where should the camp / the conference take place ?

What communication and decisionmaking structures should there be?

What ideas are there for political campaigns ?

Which alliances are we aiming for ?

What does "Crossover" actually mean ?

Who will organise all this ??!



Friday 8. nov.

7 pm Dinner

8 pm Retrospective/Introduction

Saturday 9. nov.

9 am Breakfast

11 am - 2 pm Assembly / Workgroups

2 pm - 4 pm Break

4 pm - 7 pm Assembly / Workgroups

Sunday 10. nov

9 am Breakfast

11 am - 2 pm Final Assembly / Workgroups



Schule für Erwachsenenbildung (in the "Mehringhof"), Gneisenaustr. 2a, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Metro Station Mehringdamm (Lines 6 and 7).


Please let us know whether you need sleeping places, childcare, assistance or translations. (We can organize French, English, German, Polish, Spanish and Sign Language; translations from and into other languages you will have to organize yourself).

We could also help a few people from outside Germany (particularly Eastern Europe) with the travel costs.

So please let us know your needs: don't forget to REGISTER!

If you are unable to come but would like to participate, send us your ideas!



E-mail: summercamp@squat.net

Phone: +49-177-7577615

Snailmail: summercamp c/o A6 Laden, Adalbertstr. 6, 10999 Berlin, Germany